A Few Words About Us

slide_0001_IMG_0274.JPGIn January of 1991, the Boca Raton Police Services Department started a local Police Athletic League (PAL) Chapter.

To date, our PAL has grown to assist youth who are at risk of academic failure, substance abuse or criminal activity by providing safe places for them to go during non-school hours with structured recreational activities. Boca Raton Police Officers act as role models to city youth and assist with sports, leadership, and educational programs.

The Boca Raton Police Athletic League has played a major role in the positive development of many of its youth participants. As a result, of their involvement with PAL, a number of the youngsters have experience improvements academically and athletically. This has led to scholarship awards to private middle schools and high schools as well as college and universities. In addition to this, many of the participants have won titles in their area of sports. Titles include the National Silver Gloves Boxing Champion, National Silver Gloves Regional Boxing Champions, and State Wrestling Champions.

These achievements have resulted in greater self-esteem, improved decision making skills, better citizenship, and enhanced quality of life. The benefit of this growth and success extends beyond the program, as these youngsters become positive role models for peers and younger children in the community.

PAL History

pal-logo-smThe first Police Athletic League was founded in New York City in 1935. Since then, Law Enforcement Officers have contributed millions of hours to American youth.

Florida has led the way by being the first statewide PAL Association in the United States. Other states, California, New Jersey, Ohio and Massachusetts have followed Florida’s lead.

Today, the State of Florida Association of police Athletic/Activities Leagues Inc. has 47 member cities and is growing. Police Department and Sheriff’s offices realize the importance of prevention in today’s society. More than any other profession, Law Enforcement Officers realize it is much more cost effective to prevent crime, than to incarcerate youth after the crime has been committed.

Our Mission

To provide a means for the exchange of ideas, experiences and information regarding youth problems, their causes and treatment and to develop effective solutions.

To coordinate programs and activities which contribute to the development of character, integrity, physical and mental fitness and the attainment of positive personal objectives.

To foster a closer relationship between Law Enforcement Officers and the youth of our community which builds understanding, respect, and trust.

To reduce youth crime, violence, alcohol and drug abuse through positive interactions and activities.


The Boca Raton Police Athletic League (PAL) Chapter is a non-profit 501-c3 organization for youth between the ages of 9-18.

The Police Athletic League promotes self-esteem, self-discipline and cooperation among teammates through sporting activities and works on a reward and honor system.

The Boca PAL has expanded its programs to include boys and girls. There are no fees charged and no eligibility requirements for the youth that participate in PAL. Any and all youth are welcome, and all programs are free.

Law enforcement officers supervise all activities and act as mentors and role models for children along with volunteer coaches from our community.